Classic signs of drug abuse and addiction
Classic signs of drug abuse and addiction

Different drugs affect the body in different ways, but the symptoms of addiction are exactly the same regardless of the type of drug.

As drugs gain greater control over the body and mind and exercise greater control over the life of an individual, the journey begins when substance abuse occurs. It becomes an addiction. Because of his biased view, it is very common for the unhappy person facing this process to deny the magnitude of his problem. Either for yourself or for someone who cares, familiarize yourself with the common signs and symptoms of addiction and addiction to determine if there is a problem.

Addiction is the beginning of addiction. Here are some signs that will tell you that abuse is happening. Does the person in question ignore their responsibilities at home, at work or at school? Poor results in the workplace and at school and the abandonment of family members are obvious signs. Is drug use problematic with the law? Examples include driving while intoxicated, stealing to keep up the habit or being stopped for causing problems while high. Do drugs cause problems with loved ones? Fights with a spouse, a couple of relatives, a disgruntled boss at work and the loss of good friends are examples.

Substance abuse is serious, but it gets worse when it becomes a real addiction.

These are the signs to keep in mind: when you need to use more medications to feel the same physical effects as the smallest amounts used to obtain tolerance to the medication. Another classic sign is when a user needs to use drugs to avoid physical withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, and feelings of restlessness, anxiety and depression. In addition, when you spend a lot of time, not only drug use but think about it, plan to get it and recover, the situation has taken an important turn.

Does the person in question consume more drugs than expected or feel helpless to stop using? Are activities that were previously popular, such as socializing with friends and family, engaging in hobbies and enjoying life, in general, are abandoned? The last sign is that the user continues to use drugs while knowing that he is suffering. These are all signs that there is an addiction present.

Whether you or someone you love,

The first step in solving a drug problem is to admit that it exists. Taking this step requires courage, but every addict is able to do it. It is crucial to know that, in any case, a successful recovery can always be achieved. Do not try to recover alone. Find support among family members, friends, people who share your spiritual faith, recovering drug addicts, therapists and rehabilitation service providers. Recovery is much easier when you have someone who can comfort and encourage you. You or your loved one can still live a full life without drugs or alcohol. It’s never too late!


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