Drug abuse treatments

Since the treatment of substance abuse should be adapted to the specific needs of the individual.

There is no single treatment that can be used in all cases. The choice of treatment also depends on which drug is abused. Psychological therapies such as behavioral therapy and drugs for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms are part of the treatment program. Areas that may deserve special attention during treatment include detoxification, d. H. The drug withdrawal process, physical dependence management, relapse prevention, and long-term rehabilitation.

Behavioral therapies generally include counseling, psychotherapy, support groups or family therapy. The drugs help suppress the withdrawal symptoms and the rush to drugs and block the effects of the drugs.


Studies show that the treatment of heroin addiction from methadone to the appropriate dose in combination with behavioral therapy successfully reduces mortality rates and many health problems due to heroin abuse. It has been discovered that acupuncture is effective in treating food cravings associated with cocaine withdrawal. The procedure is now used by pregnant drug users to improve the health of their children.

Non-residential programs serve the bulk of drug addicts. Residential services embody hospitals, cluster homes, halfway homes and therapeutic communities like Phoenix House and Daytop Village, wherever most daily activities area units associated with treatment. Programs like Al-Anon, Connon and Alateen, 12-step programs for family members and drug addicts, help them get out of disconnected cycles.

For every person subjected to drug treatment, there are about three or four people who urgently need it. There are many who seek to receive care, especially in public institutions, but they have to wait more than a month to arrive. Evaluating the efficacy of the treatment is difficult because drug abuse and alcoholism are chronic. This is all the truer as the disease is generally complicated by personal, social and legal factors.


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