For professional women, a balance between career and family

Professional women often feel divided between the responsibilities of their work and the needs of their families.

When he is doing well at work, he may be afraid that his children will lose their presence. When you choose to leave work because of your child’s homework, professional problems can affect your chances of promotion. Although it is impossible to strike a perfect balance between career and family (ask the professional women who have tried it), there are tips to help you feel that both parts of your life work as well as possible.

Evaluate your values ​​and goals

You may have thought you wanted to partner with your company until your first baby smiled at you. You may have planned to stay home with the children during elementary school until you realize that EPA meetings and class volunteers were not enough for you to feel flourished. It is normal for professional women to change their goals and expectations based on the current problems of professional women. Perform periodic evaluations to ensure that your life choices match your current goals and values.

Be real

Even superheroes could not work full time, maintain an impeccable home and offer homemade treats to their children every day after school. So why try? When professional women maintain a balance between work and family, they must be realistic while waiting for what they can really achieve. You may not be able to climb the ladder as fast as you wish if you regularly spend time with your children. In the same way, it is possible that your home is not always clean and sometimes dinner is taken home if you want to keep up. Give yourself the freedom to be vitiated by the problems of these professional women and you will be much happier.

Manage your time

It is easy for professional women to let their days control them, rather than the opposite. After all, no one can predict when Junior will be sent home with a fever or the boss will ask you to make a presentation almost without notice. However, it is important to learn to manage your time by creating lists, setting priorities and eliminating distractions as much as possible. Effective time management will ensure that you achieve everything you can every day without being distracted. Participating in groups of professional women like NAPW and talking with other people in your situation can be very useful to help you determine your own time management goals.

Take the time to smell the roses

Many scruffy professional women forget to take advantage of the many blessings of life because they are too busy dealing with the myriad problems faced by professional women. Be sure to take at least a few minutes each day to be grateful for the many positive aspects of your life; the health of your children, a boss you like or a supportive spouse. Give yourself time to laugh with your children or snuggle with your partner. And most importantly, allow yourself to enjoy the activities you love, be it board games with your family or a wet romance before going to bed. These are the little joys that make life worth living.


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