The link between unemployment and addiction

Drug abuse can cause many problems in people’s lives, including the loss of their jobs.

Often, addicts who do not have the ability to get to work on time or who can not trust their work properly find it difficult to keep a good job. However, the flip side is that lack of work can also lead to drug use.

Drug addicts use drugs for many reasons, but lack of work can be serious. There are several reasons for this. The first is simple boring. Without wanting to spend the day, you can not watch so much television and browse the Internet as long. Many unemployed drug addicts say they were bored when a friend or acquaintance offered them an illegal drug for the first time. With nowhere to go or anything to do, these drugs could add excitement and joy to an otherwise boring day.

Stress-related to smoking cessation is another reason why unemployment can lead to addiction. Without regular paid work, adults usually start to fear what is happening to them. Some obvious stressors include asking how your bills are paid or rented, your purchases of food and gas, and so on. Finding a job brings you money by reprinting and asking you questions. Every day, when a person becomes unemployed, stress increases and accumulates.

Drugs may seem to be the way of this stress. Because they are the effects of immediate artificial calm, euphoria, or optimism, these medications may be a temporary cessation of pressure and hopelessness in the absence. However, when the drug stops, the addict is back to where he started, but his stress can be even greater.

round loss

This use can create a vicious circle. A person uses drugs because they are short of money, but drug use itself makes them lose more money. Understanding this, the addict often reuses drugs in order to return to a state of happiness without the stress. The episode ends only when the addict is completely exhausted or finally gets help.

However, the idea that unemployment can lead to addiction is not just an anecdote or an interesting theory: several studies have shown that there is a direct link between high unemployment and increased drug use. These two seem to go together.

All families should be aware of the signs of addiction of their loved ones, but this shows us that special care should be taken when a person we know or know lost their job. While it can be difficult to get them back to work right away, you can help them reduce their chances of becoming addicts.

One way to do this was to help them focus on maintaining the goal in their lives. Help them apply for other jobs. Encourage them to spend time with family and friends (preferably non-addicted users). They help a person focus on the purpose of returning to work. But they also help them find productive ways to spend their time so far. takes place. We may not always see unemployment coming. But we can help ensure that it does not lead to life-threatening drug problems.


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